What are the advantages of multiprogramming?

1 month ago

Advantages of multiprogramming are as follows:

  1. Increased CPU Utilization − Multiprogramming improves CPU utilization as it organizes a number of jobs where CPU always has one to execute.

  2. Increased Throughput − Throughput means total number of programs executed over a fixed period of time. In multiprogramming, CPU does not wait for I/O for the program it is executing, thus resulting in an increased throughput.

  3. Shorter Turn around Time − Turnaround time for short jobs is improved greatly in multiprogramming.

  4. Improved Memory Utilization − In multiprogramming, more than one program resides in main memory. Thus memory is optimally utilized.

  5. Increased Resources Utilization − In multiprogramming, multiple programs are actively competing for resources resulting in higher degree of resource utilization.

  6. Multiple Users − Multiprogramming supports multiple users.

Rajiv Bikram
Oct 20, 2021
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