What is ethics of appraisal suggested by Ms Kellong?

Ethics of appraisal in the form of do’s and don’t suggest by Ms Kellong are as follows:
(a) Don’t appraise without knowing why it is needed.
(b) Appraise on the basis of representative information.
(c) Appraise on the basis of sufficient information.
(d) Appraise on the basis of relevant information.
(e) Be honest in your assessment of all the facts you have obtained.
(f) Don’t write one thing and say other.
(g) Make it plan that is your personal opinion of the facts as you see them.
(h) Pass an appraisal information only to those who have good reasons to want it.
(i) Don’t imply the existence of appraisal that has not been made.
(j) Don’t accept another’s appraisal without knowing the basis on which it has been made.

Sanisha Maharjan
Jan 13, 2022
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