Any technology which gives an answer within milliseconds doesn't freeze and is fault safe.

What is Real Time Technology?

To get a better answer you should specify what subset of technology you want to know about. A real time OS has different requirements from real time rendering. Realtime is also often used as a marketing buzzword for things that don't need it.

For example, computers are already many orders of magnitude faster than retinas, so displaying a 60fps animation is really easy.

The real-time technology refers to technology that permits a user to receive data amid the real-time that a physical procedure happens, known as real-time. Real-time is measured in milliseconds or microseconds. While RTT is utilized for advanced entertainment purposes
for example, gushing live video or sound and has applications that at last will make the Internet utilize all the more vivacious and functional, this quick reaction technology is being utilized for a wide cluster of basic applications that require moment reaction times.