How would you handle marketing our product or service?

1 year ago

In a reply to such marketing interview questions, you can share your accomplishments on a given project. To be more precise, you can take the help of the below pointers and answer as per the marketing style of the company –

  1. Devise a brilliant storytelling plan for the product
  2. Work as per the brand perception
  3. Do something out of the box, come up with something that your competitors hasn’t done yet
  4. Shout out to your existing consumers
  5. Don’t promise if you can’t deliver
  6. Always up for a new challenge and ready to take risks


Marketing may look slightly different in each company, but it is often at the intersection of several disciplines and functions, including but not limited to customer success, marketing, product management, and sales. If you are considering embarking on a career in marketing, the experience of working with these teams or performing these roles can be extremely valuable. It is a career that often involves a combination of creativity and the ability to communicate well with an audience.

Susmita Sah
Jan 16, 2022
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