What do services include?

1 year ago

Apart from tangible qualities, the product has a series of totally intangible attributes. All those services that add value to the product and that are centered in consumer-oriented attention are included in this last group (whether in premarketing, marketing or post-marketing).

Main services include:

  1. Demonstration and advising.
  2. Warrant.
  3. Reparation and replacement of faulty pieces.
  4. Time and delivery compliance.
  5. Training on use instructions.
  6. Installation and starting up (in the case of machinery).
  7. Those related to answering complaints and claims. These services try to satisfy consumers’ needs in a period that goes beyond the purchasing process, providing safety, follow-up and containment to the buyer, assistance in case of difficulties or doubts that may appear after the purchase.
Susmita Sah
Jan 17, 2022
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