What are the characteristics of sellers or marketer?

1 year ago

A seller is an individual or an entity that exchanges any type of goods or service in return for payment. Sellers are also marketers that include intermediaries or vendors, suppliers, advertising and market research agencies, media and entertainment, which facilitate distribution and sale from businesses to customers.

These sellers or marketers:

  1. Identify and target a set of customers that form a target market which a marketer believes could be addressed by a business.
  2. Recognise the nature of product/service that could cater to the (target) market’s needs.


  1. Promote the features and characteristics or solutions offered from consumption of the products/services in accordance to the market’s needs.
  2. Distribute the products /services to the target market.
  3. Determine relevant pricing strategies that adjust the costs to the market according to the solution provided by the products / services (For example, discounts, freebies, etc.).
  4. Provide additional services that can enhance the value of the solutions provided by the products /service (For example, customer care, etc.).
Susmita Sah
Jan 17, 2022
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