What are the demerits of sales promotion?

1 year ago

The following are the demerits of sales promotion:

  1. Short duration – Sales promotion attempts to generate sales only in the short-run.


  1. Supplementary marketing strategies – Sales promotion as a marketing strategy cannot work in isolation. It can work only if its format is incorporated with advertising and personal selling.
  2. Inferior goods and image – For generating quick money, producers may promote inferior or low quality goods, or packaging. Also, low pricing on a new product may also indicate low brand confidence and possible reduce sales in the long-run. This may adversely affect the image of the brand and reduce short term sales.
  3. Ineffective promotion – Ineffective promotion caused by lack of trained and inexperienced salespersons or unavailability of supporting infrastructure may lead to excess stock.
Susmita Sah
Jan 17, 2022
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