What are the essentials of a good brand name?

1 year ago

Following are the essentials of a good brand name:

  1. Easy to Pronounce and Remember:

A good brand name should be short, simple and easy to pronounce and remember. This is because customers come from different cultural backgrounds and they may not be able to pronounce certain names and thus may be hesitant to use those products. Illiterate people may have the same problem. Easy to pronounce words can be easily remembered e.g. Woodland, Liberty, Bata, Surya etc.

  1. Match with the Product and its Use:

A good brand name should suggest about the product, its uses, quality performance, nature etc. e.g. Nescafe Tea, Vicco Vajardanti.

  1. It should be Legally Protected:

A good brand name should be legally protected under the law. It should not be offensive, obscene or negative.

  1. It should be Distinctive:

A good brand name should be distinctive, unique and different from the existing brand names. This helps in better differentiation of the product e.g. Sony, Onida, Philips, Karbon etc.


Susmita Sah
Jan 17, 2022
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